Total Care Midwifrey Clinic

Total Care Midwifery Clinic

We are a team of four experienced midwives that work from Total Care Midwifery Clinic which is located below Waterford Birth Centre in Hamilton. ‘Total Care Midwifery’ has been well established for a number of years in Hamilton, and is proud to have an excellent reputation. We have access to all the main birthing centres in Hamilton which include Waterford, River Ridge East Birth Centre and Waikato Hospital. We can also service the Huntly, Morrinsville and Matiriki areas.

We work individually as practitioners but also back each other up for regular time off. Tracey and Lara work together in a shared care arrangement, Christina and Megan back each other up.  Between us we have a combined 36 years nursing and midwifery experience. Safety in our practice is always our paramount priority.

We provide individualised, personal care for you and your family/whanau. Over the course of your pregnancy you will see your chosen midwife at regular intervals and build a relationship that will be very special to you both; we aim that along the way you will also meet your second or back up midwife.

We are a vibrant friendly team of midwives - we pride ourselves with a high standard of quality care, whilst being caring and professional. We provide individualised care, tailored to your specific wishes along the way in partnership with you. We work well with Doctors, Obstetricians and other health care professionals so that we get the best possible outcome for you and your baby. We look forward to working with you during this important and exciting chapter of your life.

How we work together as your midwives & the best

methods of communication

Lara and Tracey work together as a team and if you choose them to be your midwives you will have them both as your LMCs (Lead Maternity Carer’s)

They are on a rolling roster that consists of one of them being on call for the week and the other doing all the routine work which is 2 clinics a week (one at Waterford and one at North care medical centre) and 2 postnatal days a week visiting women and babies In their own home.

The midwife on call attends all births in the caseload and any emergencies after hours. The other midwife attends to all the routine work and is not on call that week and after she has done her weeks work that is also her weekend off.

Some common questions

What has made you work together like this?

When women have one midwife that midwife has a "back up”who gives her the weekends off usually fortnightly and holidays etc.... when a woman labours and is faced with another midwife she may not have met at all or has only met once then it makes it hard for all concerned and often women feel sad as it wasn’t the midwife they had planned to be there, and the midwife feels disappointed also that she missed your birth. Lara and Tracey worked exactly like this too but for some time now have been working in a shared care arrangement and it has both positive affects for the woman and the midwife.

How do I know who is doing what and who to call in an emergency?

We work our weeks on and off call Monday morning 9am – to the following Monday morning 9am, the on call midwife always has her phone on 24/7 so please try either of our numbers if you are not sure, or if one midwife does not answer the other midwife will. As your visits become closer together later on in the pregnancy (fortnightly then weekly) you will more easier be able to work out who is on and who is off (for example if you are seeing Lara in clinic that week that must mean Tracey is on call for births and emergencies and visa versa)

What happens if the person on call has 2 women in labour?

In the past 16 months this has only ever happened once and we simply call the other one in and if she is away for her weekend off or on holiday then we work with 2 other midwives in our team (Christina Campbell & Megan Holmes) and we can also call on them if needed. Rachel Parkes is also a LMC in Hamilton and sometimes we may ask her to do the odd clinic or postnatal day for us if we are both required to attend education days, meetings or one of the midwives is away on annual leave.

Tracey and Lara aim that during your pregnancy you will be given the opportunity to get to know them both and they will try and alternate their visits with you as much as possible along the way which will enable you to form the relationships you need to have with them both.